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Support Agreement – Sage ERP Accpac, CRM, HRMS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What if I want to upgrade my Support Agreement from one level to the next?

Anyone can upgrade from one level to the next within the year. The price is based upon the differential of the two levels plus a 10% processing fee.  

Can I purchase other services available under other agreements that are not included on my agreement level?

Yes you can at any time during the year of your agreement.  For example, if you wish to purchase an Annual Review and your agreement is the Silver level, you can purchase the review service for $500 at any time during the year of the agreement.  

Can an Agreement be purchased for 2 or 3 years (to align with Software Assurance timeline)?

Yes, an Agreement can be purchased for multiple years (2 or 3).  The price for the agreement is discounted by 5% for a 2 year agreement and 10% for a 3 year agreement.  Each year of the agreement stands on its own as far as deliverables are concerned (i.e. Diagnostics, Surveys, Reviews, etc.).  Payment is required in full at the time of the agreement.  

Can a new person be added as a Contact to the Agreement?

A new contact person can be added to the agreement at any time for the stated fee.  If this person is to be a substitute for an existing person on the agreement, this person must be trained and fluent in the use of Sage Accpac or the associated product.  

If I’m planning a holiday, can I assign an alternate person to contact the BAASS Help Desk on my behalf?

You may designate a trained Accpac user to make calls on your behalf but should advise BAASS of the person’s Name and position prior to doing so.  

If I call the BAASS Help Desk and my issue is resolved within 10 minutes or less will this still be considered an incident?
The technician will define the nature of the problem but in most cases the call will be considered a Help Desk Inquiry and will not consume a Diagnostic Incident.  

If my response time is 4 hours, does this mean that it will take 4 hours to get support?

If you’re on a Silver plan, it could take up to 4 hours to have a technician contact you.  If you require a quicker response time, BAASS offers plans with faster response times.  BAASS’ goal is to begin resolving all support inquiries in the timeliest fashion possible.  

If I am experiencing a slowdown in my system, is this considered a Help Desk Inquiry or a Diagnostic?

As the question is related to a potential problem with the environment and not based upon the functional use of the application, it is a Diagnostic Incident.  More than likely troubleshooting would be involved to resolve the issue.  

Can I use a Diagnostic Incident to complete an Accpac installation or Product Update?

No. Accpac Installations and Product Updates are available under our Fixed Price Services along with Payroll Updates and Database Backups.  

If I e-mail the Support team will this still be considered a Diagnostic Incident?

Depending on the nature of the call and the services required, the request may qualify as a Diagnostic Incident.  

What Payroll Systems are supported under the Agreement?

Only the Sage ERP Accpac Canadian Payroll system is supported under this agreement.  Easypay and Paymate support is available but not included under this agreement.  

With the Self-Service Portal, do I need CRM installed to request support with BAASS?

No. BAASS will provide you with a Self-Service Portal Username and Password to log your support incidences.  

How can I find out how many Diagnostic Incidents our organization has used under our plan?

By accessing the Client Support Portal (http://service.baass.com/support.asp), you can access details of your support agreement including the number of consumed Diagnostics.   With every Diagnostic Incident opened with the BAASS Help Desk, you will be sent an email outlining the nature of the support request and information pertaining to your agreement balances.  

What happens to our Diagnostic Incidents if we don’t use them all up in the year?  Will they be credited back to my account?

Once the SLA expires, any unused portion of the SLA will expire with it.  

Why should I use the BAASS SLA versus the Sage Silver Plan?

BAASS’ Support Agreements offer many services not included in the Sage Silver Plan.  Most importantly, BAASS has intimate knowledge of your business, solution requirements, system customizations and your network environment.  BAASS works with your organization as an advisor to help you leverage your IT investments and align them with your goals – Sage simply cannot provide this level of service.    Should there be a flaw in the software; BAASS will open a ticket directly with Sage to address the issue on your behalf.  

Can Software Discounts of the Support Agreement (Gold & Platinum only) be combined with offers from Sage (publisher)?

No.  BAASS is not able to combine discounts from our agreement with a Sage discount.  The largest discount offered only will apply.
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