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Support Agreement Services

Help Desk – Unlimited Application Support


You will receive unlimited application support calls (Silver Plan limited to 20 calls annually).  A support call is defined as a call to a qualified product support specialist that is informational in nature and normally will not last more than 15 minutes. Our Help Desk is designed to remind trained users about the application features and to clarify options within the product.  Help desk support is available on any version of Sage Software and includes Sage 300 ERP, Sage CRM, Sage HRMS and BAASS supported 3rd Party modules.  Support will be facilitated through two specified people in your organization.


Help Desk support does not include the following services: troubleshooting, training, application configuration or customization, forms modification, development, database management or software installation.  Help Desk support does not include the following products: OEM products (Accpac Insight) and specific 3rd Party applications. 


Diagnostic Incident (Troubleshooting Technical Issues)

You are entitled to your plan’s number of diagnostic calls per year.  A diagnostic call means that an analyst or technician will gather information about the problem, including a review of live data if necessary.  The analyst will determine what action is required.  If there is a quick fix, the problem will be resolved as quickly as possible at no additional cost.  Otherwise, a fixed price quote will be provided. Additional diagnostic incidents (over your plan limit) are available at $550 for a 5 pack.


Remote Access

A BAASS consultant or technician can connect to your computer without physically being present at your office.  This can be done using remote connection software in a secure environment with your permission.  A fee of $25 per connection will apply to clients not on a plan.  An Onsite Fee will be charged for a Consultant or Technician to come to your place of business to perform services.

Response Time

The guaranteed maximum amount of time between your contact to the Help Desk and the start of the assessment of your support requirement by a Support Technician.


Extended Help Desk Hours

BAASS has support representatives available outside of standard business hours ready to provide support.  These hours are from 6:00 am to 8:00 am and from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm Monday through Friday.  This service is only available to Platinum and Gold Plan subscribers.


Weekend Support Access

BAASS has support representatives available from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekends to provide support.  This service is only available to Platinum and Gold Plan subscribers.


Technical Site Survey

The purpose of the technical site survey is to document your current system and identify potential problem areas.  This will expedite support from our Help Desk (reduce your downtime) and potentially eliminate unforeseen system interruptions.  The technical site survey includes but is not limited to:


  • Discuss in-depth the potential problems that you are currently experiencing
  • Review of account system logs
  • Review of system setup options & deployment of system
  • Documentation of critical system passwords
  • Documentation of all known system customizations
  • Review of current backup procedures


A report will be provided that includes our findings and any recommendations to best support your system.


Annual Review (Road Map)

Once a year, we will meet with you to evaluate your current system, delineate problem areas, discuss improvements and enhancements (efficiency gains, corporate effectiveness and competitive differentiation) and develop a “road map” plan for the next 12 months.  This review will help to keep your system aligned with your organization’s strategic goals.

Year-End Preparation

We will review the steps required to complete a proper year-end with your Sage 300 ERP system via conference call.  We will prepare a checklist and plan to achieve a smooth roll-over.

Payroll Updates

BAASS will complete payroll updates for Platinum and Gold subscribers.

BAASS Newsletter

Periodically, BAASS releases a newsletter containing valuable information on your Sage 300 ERP system, upcoming releases, 3rd party modules that provide extended functionality to your system and Tips & Tricks for your system.

BAASS Live Conference Registration

Complimentary registration to our Annual BAASS Connect End-User Conference sponsored by Sage Software and BAASS Business Solutions Inc. 


Fixed Price Services

We’re dedicated to providing simple, cost effective technical services to our clients for the management of their Sage 300 ERP system.  We will continue to identify common issues and make them available to you from our Help Desk at a guaranteed fixed price. Onsite visits required to complete these services (due to complications) are not included in this agreement.


Terms of Support Agreement

  • Your Support Agreement is effective for one year from the date of payment receipt.  Invoices for the plan will be sent annually and will be due upon receipt.  Nonpayment of your support agreement fees will suspend the Agreement until payment is received (Off Plan fees will apply).
  • All modules of the Sage 300 ERP system (including 3rd party) must be registered within the support agreement.
  • BAASS must be registered with Sage Software as your Business Partner of Record.
  • Two points of contact must be assigned by each client.  A 3rd and 4th contact can be added to the plan for a 15% plan premium each.
  • An Onsite Fee will be charged for a Consultant or Technician to come to your place of business to perform services.  Onsite services are not covered under this agreement unless you purchase a Platinum agreement.
  • If your Sage 300 ERP system is a new implementation and you purchased this Support Agreement along with the implementation services, your agreement term will commence upon the successful completion of a system implementation including the final sign-off.
  • All systems (hardware, software and operating systems) must meet or exceed Sage Software’s minimum hardware requirements to be supported.
  • Cancellation Policy:  BAASS can  cancel this agreement at any time by providing 30 days written notice with the remaining fee refunded based upon a prorated amount determined by the number of months already consumed.

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