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Strategic Planning Process – Vision, Strategy, Execution

Many organizations today invest tens of thousands of dollars to implement a new accounting or ERP system but often leave the real value of these solutions untapped. As an organization initiates an IT project, there is a natural tendency to focus on minimizing the effort and budget to accomplish it. Often because of this, some or all of the critical success factors of the project are not met. They surrender to the misconception that the implementation of the system is an end in itself – once you go live, the benefits are realized and new requirements won’t develop. An organization can become just as frustrated with the new technology solution as they were with its predecessor.

As your organization evolves and grows, other business issues can emerge over time that will impact the effectiveness of your business management system(s). Listed below are several of the common troubles we’ve noticed in organizations over the past 25 years.

  • Business model change
  • Poor Reporting
  • Compliance Issues
  • Rapid Growth
  • Technology Compatibility – Upgrades
  • Increased Operational Costs
  • Disparate Systems – Lack of Integration
  • Change in End User Resources
  • Customer Service responsiveness
  • Need to Increase Sales

Building the Foundation for Effectiveness and Growth

Peter F Drucker, well renowned author stated “Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” Similarly, organizations have shifted their investment focus on continuous value generation – addressing de-scoped requirements, delivering prioritized enhancements and tightly aligning with the business. The challenge comes with knowing where to focus your effort and what to invest in as opposed to the amount of effort that is in fact being invested. Transforming from the traditional organizational mindset of increasing efficiency to the present mindset of increasing effectiveness is where the BAASS’ Consulting Team can help.

How We Can Help

BAASS understands the need for an organization to realize the benefits of their IT investments. We have helped many organizations enhance their existing system by implementing a strategic planning process to remove roadblocks and extend their system into other functional areas to empower additional users.

Our Vision-Strategy-Execution (VSE) engagement is designed to help organizations eliminate their key business issues (those that can be supported by technology) and leverage their software investment in the strategic planning process.


Goals to be achieved and supported by technology


Plan to get you there with consideration to Return on Investment (ROI) and business impact


Implementation of the Solutions – Goals Achieved

BAASS leads the VSE engagement and involves your Project Team (representatives from management and the key stakeholders).
  • The VSE begins with a workshop to obtain key information from your team regarding your organization’s Vision, Mission and Goals.  It is imperative to ensure that technology investments are aligned with the organizational strategy
  • We continue with the identification of the Key Business Issues (KBI) driving the engagement: challenges, inefficiencies or areas of ineffectiveness (not producing results)
  • Through a series of interviews, our Consultants flush out each KBI:
    • Process Review – identify the bottlenecks, gaps
    • Identify the impact on other functional areas
    • Identify the goals for resolving the KBI
  • In the second stage of the VSE process, we discuss candidate solutions researched by our team
  • An Analyst will then perform a Business Impact Assessment on each KBI to determine if a business case can be made for solving the issue
  • We return to present the roadmap to your team including:
    • Summary of Findings – Key Business Issues
    • Solutions for consideration
    • Recommended solutions
    • Investment for each solution
    • Project Roadmap for Implementation

Is the Time Right?

As the old adage goes, if you keep doing the same thing, you’re going to keep getting the same results.  Not only are these key business issues costing you money, they are holding you back from your potential.  If you would like to discuss the VSE engagement and how it could assist your organization, please contact your Account Manager at 1-866-260-5302 or email us at sales@baass.com.

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