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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

360° View of your internal customer base

Front-End Access

With quick and easy access to centralized customer and prospect information Sage CRM Software can help you gain competitive advantage. By using integrated CRM software, you are simply placing you and your company one step ahead by increasing your level of visibility to customer information. Making the most out of sales opportunities, delivering the best customer service, and understanding your target audience, will all become your companies’ best practices when using CRM software.

Back-End Access

In some way shape or form, all departments within an organization are connected. Similarly, no matter your role within an organization, all possible client data needs to be available for access at all times. Sage CRM not only integrates the front end visibility of clients, but also allows the same accessibility on the back end as well. Hence, the room for error in missing key client information or duplicating existent data is significantly minimized.

Sage CRM is a Customer Relationship Management solution that provides true 360 degree business visibility. Offering a full suite of easy to use, mobile enabled on demand data, Sage CRM helps to enhance your business relationships for your companies’ benefits.

Through sales force automation, marketing automation, and customer care automation, Sage CRM works to increase productivity and improve collaboration. These goals are simply achieved by the following:

  • ERP and Outlook integration
  • Easy accessibility and
  • Detailed reporting and forecasting


ERP Integration

  • Easy integration with your ERP solutions allows for simplified access to back office information which in turn eliminates any room for errors

  • Sage CRM gives you the ability to completely understand the real time status of orders by easily tracking stock across different locations

Microsoft Outlook Integration

  • Directly sync your Outlook with Sage CRM to allow for integrated behaviour with meetings, emails, appointments and crucial information pertaining to your business


  • Sage CRM brings customized dashboards tailored to your individual requirements. In one friendly screen, you can access data from varying avenues to help you through your sales processes
  • With an increasing need to have access from anywhere and everywhere, Sage CRM is iPhone, android, and tablet compatible
  • Enjoy the comfort of accessing your customized solutions from anywhere in the world with real time results

Powerful Reporting

  • Enjoy point and click reporting options with customized forecasting tools and graphical chart outputs in varying forms


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