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The Warehouse Challenge:

In the last decade, no single department has evolved as much as the Warehouse. In order for your distribution business to survive in today’s competitive environment, you are tasked with numerous challenges. From maintaining continuous inventory accuracy; combating globalization; looking for ways to diversify your products; incorporating ecommerce capabilities to improve profits; and keeping customers happy.  The bottom line is that your plate is more than full.  

To succeed you must be able to meet the demands of customers, managers, and CFO’s all while maintaining an organized system and automating as many processes as possible. The most effective way to successfully manage your warehouse is through the implementation of a Warehouse Management System (or, WMS). With an application that is properly configured to address the specific requirements of your warehouse, you will simultaneously reduce overhead, improve efficiencies, increase profits and make your job a whole lot better.

The Warehouse Solution:

Our experienced team of professionals understands that no two warehouses operate in the same manner. Therefore there is not a one-size-fits-all system that can address the varying needs of all distribution companies. BAASS  is committed to providing the right system for your organization. Only after performing a thorough review and analysis, will we make a recommendation on the best option and configuration for your warehouse.

Choosing the right technology partner is crucial to achieving the desired end result. With over 25 years of experience, we have performed thousands of business systems implementations. Here are just a few examples – of what warehouse managers like you – have to say about the level of expertise and professionalism you can expect from BAASS:

The Warehouse Results:

Gone are the days of uncertain inventory counts, obscure data visibility, and high product costs driving down your profits. What once was a plate overflowing with stressful situations, is now a streamlined and organized process. A warehouse taking advantage of a properly configured Warehouse Management System will experience:

  • Ongoing inventory accuracy and insight into product performance, enabling you to plan and adjust stock levels as necessary.
  • Increased employee productivity and improved material handling methods, allowing you to reduce labor costs and increase profits in today’s competitive environment.
  • Integration with front office, EDI, BI, and CRM applications, providing for organization-wide data visibility.
  • Access to the capabilities you need to effectively process transactions over the internet.

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