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The Sales Challenge:

Sales Managers have long been tasked with knowing all of the ins and outs of prospects, leads, and customers residing in the sales funnel. Unfortunately many find themselves overwhelmed with the lack of a defined process for finding, acquiring, and retaining customers. This leads many to simply ‘do it the way it has always been done’ which can result in less than desirable business growth and an unnecessarily large administrative burden.

You need to reduce manual processes so that you can focus on what really matters – gaining and keeping your customers. Sales management software that is configured to meet the specific requirements of your organization will allow you to spend more time on profit generating activities and less on administration.

The Sales Solution:

Let us help you make your job easier and your sales goals more attainable. BAASS offers sales management software that will allow you to take control of your pipeline and make the most out of every lead. Read what our customers – Sales Professionals just like you - have to say:

The Sales Results

A new and improved sales process will enable you to make informed decisions based on concrete data. From acquiring new customers, closing more leads, and improving customer retention – you will be on the fast track to growth. Some benefits you can expect include:

  • Automated workflow and pipeline management encouraging a quick and efficient sales process.
  • Access to the data you need to see via customized dashboards, forecasting and graphical chart capabilities.
  • A streamlined data entry process resulting from advanced customization capabilities and integration with your ERP system.
  • Control of your own data and information with easy anywhere access.
  • Greater access to cross-selling and up-selling opportunities allowing you to benefit from a more directed and profitable sales effort.

Discover the BAASS Difference

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