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Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Professional Services firms have unique requirements for technology.

As outlined by the Global ERP Software Industry Forum, a professional services firm's most valuable asset is the relationships its professionals nurture with clients and industry colleagues. These relationships are often the source of new business referrals and the single most influential factor in winning new sales opportunities. BAASS understands the importance of a professional services automation (PSA) software and works with partners Deltek, Intacct and NetSuite to give you the best in the market.

Business Software for Professional Services

No matter the profession, architects, accountants, attorneys, management consultants, advertising executives, non-profit stewards or financial services staff, professional services companies must sell and manage the delivery of an intangible solution. Projects are only deemed successful when they are accurately estimated, delivered according to schedule, completed on time and meet the customer's expectations.

Professional Services Automation systems deliver several key advantages for service enterprises:

  • Enable increased sales win rates: A PSA system helps companies create more accurate and timely proposals and estimates.

  • Increased resource utilization: Real time resource visibility permits tighter resource management and boosts consultant utilization rates.

  • Increased consistency and higher quality: Real-time notification management and deviation alerts permit action to be taken at the earliest opportunity and before projects slip to recovery mode or a point of no return.

  • Improved project profitability: PSA gives project managers and financial controllers the tools to anticipate and rectify slippage and risks as well as identify and promote the most profitable customers, projects, and services.

  • Increased team performance: PSA gives staffing managers and project sponsors the ability to staff projects with the most skilled or effective resources by giving them instant visibility to both the project pipeline and resource availability.

  • Improved cash flow:. By automating time reporting, expense reporting, approval processing, invoice generation and invoice distribution, Accounts Receivable departments are able to expedite billing and cash collection.

  • Reduced administrative activities:. When project management, project delivery and billing cycles are automated, billable employees are able to reduce their non-billable time.

BAASS has many clients that are project based businesses. We have implemented Professional Services Automation systems that match their unique requirements.

Learn more about how BAASS can help by discovering more information about Deltek, Intacct and NetSuite Solutions.

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