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Sage ERP X3

Sage ERP X3

Making it easier to expand your company's presence internationally, Sage ERP X3 s a proven successful solution for mid-market customers with international goals and multinational requirements.  

Establishing the need for an ERP system is the first step of the rigorous ERP selection process. Understanding reasons to adopt Sage ERP X3 helps find the solution that will best meet your specific short and long term requirements.

Reasons to adopt Sage ERP X3

Scalability and Multi-country by design

Growing businesses need to ensure everything in their organization is growing with them- including their ERP systems. Sage ERP X3's integrated design provides all the functions your company needs now and in the future. Activate functions at your own convenience as and when you need them to ensure they are being used efficiently. With the ability to include more than 2,000 users, the system is well equipped to support your organizational growth.
In an effort to cater to all countries in which your organization may be present, Sage ERP X3 has the global tools to facilitate your global trading operations. Supporting ten different languages throughout the system and its legislations, Sage ERP X3 makes the user experience as friendly as possible no matter where in the world you may be.

Functional Integration and reduced complexity

Having the ability to work together is defined as integration- Effectively working together is considered “functional” integration. Sage ERP X3 prides itself on it’s functionalities by shared common database and real time informational exchanges between internal users and their clients. No matter the industry, Sage ERP X3 allows for cross functional solutions throughout your company. Eliminating all complex solutions that other providers may put forth in integration, Sage ERP X3 remains simple in its usability and seamless in its implementation process.

Low cost of ownership

An efficient ERP solution only makes sense if it's affordable. Sage ERP X3 is designed to lower typical ERP costs dramatically. Because it can perfectly adapt to your organization with little or no customization, Sage ERP X3 lowers your costs from the very beginning of its implementation.

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