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Wholesale Distribution


Wholesale Distributors have a unique role in the supply chain. Operating between the manufacturers of goods and those who purchase them, creates a very distinctive set of challenges. With everyone looking to be profitable, manufacturers and buyers often want to sell or buy when the conditions are best for them. Though these timelines are often in competition with one another, your company must find a way to accommodate the two at a high level of service, all the while simultaneously seeking to meet your own financial goals.


Unique challenges for wholesale distributors include:

  • Consistently reducing excess costs.
  • Improving efficiency throughout your warehouse through the reduction of unnecessary steps in your workflow.
  • Staying apprised of available stock levels at all times.
  • Maintaining a thorough understanding of product performance in order to accurately plan for the future.
  • Recording customer purchasing habits in order to market your products and offerings more effectively.
  • Nurturing ongoing relationships with customers to promote long term success.
  • Minimizing shipping errors.
  • And more...



BAASS can help you overcome these challenges and pressures in order to gain a competitive edge. From improving operations to streamlining your entire process, we have the expertise and technological resources you need to cost effectively position your organization for increased revenue and long term success. We are committed to helping you improve your business.

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The Results

With the best Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, configured to match your unique requirements and processes, you will have access to the tools you need to make organization-wide improvements that positively impact your bottom line.  You will be poised to bring your company to the highest level of efficiency and profitability possible through:

  • Increased automation between front and back office systems.
  • Reduced data entry.
  • Real-time data access.
  • Streamlined warehousing and forecasting.
  • Greater access to robust pricing tools.
  • Improved customer service through integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
  • And more!


If you would like to learn more about the kinds of specific solutions which can take your wholesale distribution company to a higher level of efficiency and productivity, please contact your BAASS account manager at 1-866-260-5302 today. We would be honored to have the opportunity to speak with you.

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