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Manufacturing Solutions- What? Why? How?  

When choosing the right manufacturing system for your business, it's important to understand what your desired outcome is, why you need the system, and how it may benefit you before starting your selection process.

In today's market, manufacturers are working toward increasing operational excellence, shortening order cycles, and generating new revenues in an effort to stay competitive. Manufacturing accounting software programs provide a variety of tools designed to improve production performance and quality, while simultaneously meeting enterprise requirements for accurate and timely data.

What is my desired outcome?

Picking the right integrated manufacturing accounting software to foster growth within your organization is essential in creating a successful future ahead. In order to ensure the survival and growth of your company and what system you need, it is imperative to identify the manufacturing software programs providing the lowest possible total cost of ownership with the quickest return on investment. Which software package you select is likely to be one of the most critical capital expenditure decisions your manufacturing company will make.

Why do I need a solution?

Manufacturing accounting software programs span a wide variety of applications and functionalities. Typical accounting features include the ability to print checks, pay bills, track expenses, manage payroll, create orders and invoices, manage receivables, establish budgets, perform bank reconciliations, and create top level financial reports. The tools available for managing manufacturing process can be even more varied. Systems designed for manufacturers also offer the ability to manage bill of materials, material requirements planning, work order management, purchasing, inventory control, work in progress tracking, production scheduling, scrap or defect tracking, and quality control.

How will it help me?

BAASS Business Solutions Inc. offers Sage 300 ERP and Sage ERP X3 systems for your manufacturing needs. Working to make your warehouse operate at peak efficiency and in turn deliver desirable results to both you and your employees. BAASS has also been acknowledged for deriving positive results in the manufacturing industry through mentions in 20/20 magazine and other national publications focusing on innovation in the marketing sector.

Learn more about Sage 300 ERP and Sage ERP X3 by contacting an account manager at 1-866-260-5302.

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