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Considering the level of increased competition the distribution business is facing, companies are constantly encountering more and more pressures to find solutions to sustain competitive advantages.

The pressure of lowering operational costs, establishing new competitive advantages, and improving ability to meet customer demands begs the help of the implementation of a successful accounting system.

What Can Distribution Accounting Software Do for You?

  • Handle a large number of database records
  • Efficient order processing with minimized room for error
  • Accurate forecasting of purchasing needs/behaviours
  • Optimizing inventory control and Purchasing
  • Optimization of shipping and logistics

Aside from industry specific functionality, distribution accounting systems contain all the normal modules you might expect in a standard back-office accounting package as well. With accounting features such as; the ability to print checks, pay bills, track expenses, manage payroll, create orders and invoices, manage receivables, establish budgets, perform bank reconciliations, and create top level financial reports, the distribution software acts as your entire package.

Ultimately, by integrating information amongst the distribution process, distribution accounting software’s allow a higher level of visibility and control over the course of a cycle. From reduced turnaround times, to better avenues of internal cross communication, the availability of real time information allows for simple problem solving.

For more information on how distribution software can help your company, contact a BAASS account manager at 1-866-260-5302.


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