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Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

A company can only be as successful as the people that work for it. Having a successful Human Resource Information System software is of utmost importance to any company in order to sustain growth capabilities. At BAASS, we understand the importance of your HR department and how reliable the software being used needs to be. With Sage HRMS, you'll be able to effectively manage your short and long term business needs no matter what the situation.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software solution designed for data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting departments.

The overall benefits of HRIS are as follows:

  • Effective Management of all employee information
  • Tools required for reporting and analysis of employee information
  • All company required documents such as handbooks and procedures for safety guidelines
  • Administrative forms regarding status changes/title changes etc.
  • Integration with payroll and other accounting systems
  • Resume management and ability to track applicant information

Feeling more in control of your Human Resources

Solutions like Sage HRMS are able to carefully meet the needs of your company by providing information on just about anything you may need to track.

BAASS has carefully created 5 step implementation processes that are highly organized systems designed for speed and accuracy.

1. Core Employee Information
2. Expanding employee Information
3. Developing customizations
4. Company Roll-Out
5. Time Off Phase/Unpaid Leave

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