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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Overview

Coming up with a definition expansive enough to cover the scope of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is becoming more and more advanced due to its constant growing nature. In simplified terms, Enterprise Resource Planning software bridges the gap between financial and operational ''back-office'' functionalities with front-end or "customer-facing" technology. ERP software is now designed for all industry types no matter the size. There are ERP modules available for virtually every task, program, or function businesses may choose to perform. With a goal of integrated resource planning as one of its core principles, businesses are able to make more informed decisions easier than ever before.

ERP Solutions help you reduce costs by eliminating costly installation and operating expenditures while also maximizing productivity. With Sage ERP solutions, your solutions will also evolve with your business and constantly adapt to changing environments.

BAASS provides sales, support, training, and development services for the following Enterprise Resource Planning solutions, amongst many others:

BAASS carefully designs and delivers solutions based on extensive knowledge of your business. Defining the right technology for your company is the key driving factor for efficient organizational results.

Contact an account representative today to find flexible, fully integrated solutions based on Sage Software and Microsoft technologies that are fit for your business. 1-866-260-5302.

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