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What’s your differentiating statement?

When organizations look to you as a partner what are the characteristics and core values that they demand? If you ask our customers you’ll get a consistent message on why they do business with us.
For many, it’s our customer centric approach to business. Our marketing, sales, consulting, and quality control are all designed and executed with one person in mind – our valued customer. For others, it’s our integrity, twenty five years in business, extensive team of knowledge workers, or our North American scalability yet nimble specialized approach to understanding our customer’s businesses.

BAASS continuously strives to outperform our industry leading Net Promoter Score (NPS), a distinction that we are very proud of as it measures the probability of our organization being referred to colleagues and friends by our valued customers.

If you share a similar customer minded approach to the way you do business, BAASS is waiting to partner with you. We’ve seen a real shift in the industry over the last several years. Both publisher and customers are focused on complete end to end solutions that speak to one another and are looking for value added partners that understand and can extend to meet those requirements. Have you ever not been able to meet the needs of your customers because you simply don’t carry the solution they so desperately need? BAASS can help you extend your toolkit and never lose that customer, maintain your strong trusted advisor role, and earn future referrals from your satisfied client.

BAASS carries an impressive portfolio of solutions and our partner program is designed to help you leverage our expertise and extend your suite of end to end offerings. To learn more about our solutions simply click our “Your Solutions” section above to view our areas of expertise.

Ready to learn about our Partner Program Benefits?

We’ve made it easy to take the next step. Simply visit our Partner Program Benefits Chart that provides you with a line by line breakdown to help get you started.  With benefits that start as soon as we do such as:

  • Access to a complete line of end to end solutions.
  • No barriers to get involved.
  • Maintaining your existing trusted adviser's relationship.
  • Providing your customers with more expertise, service, and reduce any risk of losing them due to lack of product solutions.
  • National coverage and extensive support plans

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