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Customer Relationship Management

Integrated CRM Software Solutions

Using integrated CRM software allows your business to promote the visibility of key customer information and increase collaboration. By doing so you're better able to prospect new customers, market to existing accounts, resolve service issues, and improve customer satisfaction. All businesses store contact information and manage customer relationships in one manner or another. The question is really whether or not your business will use an integrated CRM software tool to promote consistency and help improve customer satisfaction.

Many times, businesses have tremendous amounts of customer data, but it is often locked away in multiple locations and difficult to access. For instance, individual employees may keep customer contact lists in Outlook files, accounts receivable will hold information in a master customer list, marketing will generate their own records, and sales staff will work off of self-produced call lists. The end-result is inefficient contact efforts and an inability to ensure consistency in customer interaction.

Maximize the Returns on Your Customer Relationships with an Integrated CRM Software

Customer relationship management gives you the ability to track buying patterns, which can help you spot any potential problems with your customer relationships before it's too late. It's so much more cost effective to retain your current customers, especially when you take into account all the additional marketing costs it takes to establish new relationships. CRM applications also allow your sales staff to easily up-sell or cross-sell your products, which can increase your revenue totals and help your business to succeed.

Increase Efficiency by Integrating Your Customer Information

You can also improve your business performance by pulling information from finance, sales, marketing, and customer service into a central database. Having all your customer data in one place allows you to enhance your sales forecasting, maintain long-term customers, and strengthen your financial control.

Explore how our integrated CRM software solutions will allow you to successfully run your business in the best manner possible. Explore Sage CRM, and NetSuite with BAASS.

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