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BI solutions like Sage Enterprise Intelligence can help you reveal new opportunities, quickly adapt to market changes, and make faster, more accurate decisions.

What is Sage Enterprise Intelligence?

With data coming in from several different outlets – business is more complex than ever. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed with receiving too much information at once, and you might barely have time to sort through it all, much less understand it and respond to it in a timely manner. You need to be quick to respond to changing economic conditions, but the influx of data may be weighing you down heavily. You wonder if there is an easier way to filter through it all.

When running a business, you want to run it as effectively as possible and to do this, you must be able to make decisions in a timely manner.   An ERP system can help with streamlining operations and stay informed with your business’ current affairs —but it is not designed to facilitate decision-making. Furthermore, most ERP systems do not provide simple tools to dynamically explore data, unveil opportunities, or share analysis without technical skills. The amount of mass data we are constantly dealing with today is not a job for traditional tools. Plus, it requires manual data transfer in order to combine these fragmented data sources. By the time you gather all your data, you may have missed your window of opportunity!

This is where the introduction of BI comes in – BI can manage that “overwhelming influx of data” challenge by providing easy accessible reports and self-service analytics. With real-time integration to your ERP, you can quickly gather the information you need to make timely decisions and in turn, reduce the time spent on reporting and analysis. To top it off, with the tap of a button, these tools can be accessed anywhere at any time through mobile devices.

Features & Benefits
The four keys to greater visibility and better business decisions are:

• Real-time information access:        
          • Budget management and control.
          • Sales.
          • Inventory control.
          • Quality control.
          • Customer service.
          • Productivity.
• Interactive data visualization and analysis tools:
          • Extensive search capabilities.
          • Data visualization tools such as gauges, 
            maps, and charts.
          • Live access to enterprise data from Excel.
          • Personalized dashboards and KPIs

• Collaboration tools:       
          • Share consistent, up-to-date information
            that supports coherent decision making.
          • Notify managers and executives of critical
            events affecting the business.
          • Provide elegant, graphical reports for
            timely review

• Self-service and mobility:       
          Managers and business users can get a real-time overview of the company’s top KPIs
          and trends with access to graphical dashboards. Sage Enterprise Intelligence also
          supports access from a variety of mobile devices so you can track performance from
          anywhere you are. This not only increases productivity, but also allows managers to
          make timely decisions even when they’re out of the office.

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