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Business Intelligence (BI) System Solutions

Business Intelligence yields powerful results that can set your company apart from the rest.


Empowering you to quickly obtain information for strategic planning, intelligence solutions let you to carry out enterprise reporting and analyze data from all angles to help improve visibility levels in your organization.  Spending more time focusing on strategic analysis and interpretation, and less time pulling data together from static reports, your company will remain knowledgeable and be able to make well informed decisions in a timely manner.

A Business Intelligence (BI) strategy provides managers and executives with meaningful insight that is always available, real-time and easy to interpret. BI plugs into data streams in every part of your business, so you can have unfettered access to organization-wide information – without waiting for departmental reporting. 

BI can help you to:

  • Forecast sales and production
  • Track and evaluate sales performance by sales reps and territories
  • Monitor customer loyalty
  • Analyze profit margins by product lines
  • Monitor customer buying trends

Our BAASS team of BI experts can help you review the BI options that best meet your company’s requirements and design a system that works for you: however small or large.

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To learn more about how BI can help your firm, download our whitepaper: How better analytics can lead your business to higher profits.

We offer many solutions that can integrate seamlessly to your ERP system including:


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